Infrastructure Development of Hospitals in Phuket

Sep 29, 2015 / by Kirill Vyalykh

Phuket is world-renowned in the area of medicine. Many come to the island to improve their health or to use the services of experts in the field of aesthetic medicine. Additionally, in the field rehabilitative medicine, Phuket occupies the first position in the world ranking of medical services.

Phuket’s hospitals are equipped with modern equipment, advanced technologies and effective treatment methods. The high-level quality of the medical services provided by Bangkok Hospital Phuket is internationally recognized, as evidenced by its having earned JCI certification.

Expansion of Phuket International Hospital

Bangkok Hospital Group is a large network of 13 hospitals throughout Thailand that all meet International standards. Recently Phuket accepted a deal to sell a 99.9% stake in the Phuket International Hospital to Bangkok Hospital Group, including the commitment of 416 million baht to expand its business and strengthen its leading position in the field of medicine and medical tourism, both in Phuket and in Thailand in general. Additionally, about 1 billion baht has been allocated for the expansion of the Phuket International Hospital.

Hospital in Chalong

It was recently decided to modernize the clinics in Chalong to a full hospital, including an emergency department and surgery center. The new hospital building located on about 4 acres of land behind the Chalong police station. The project is estimated to cost 186 million baht, of which 102 million will be spent on the construction of an inpatient/outpatient complex with a 30 patient capacity, and 84 million will go toward staff accommodations. The hospital’s equipment will be partially provided by Vachira Hospital. The construction period is expected to take two years.