Duty Free shopping center King Power

Aug 14, 2015 / by Kirill Vyalykh

October 2015 will see the grand opening of Phuket’s first duty-free shopping center, KING POWER, just outside the Phuket International Airport.  Also this year, King Power launched an online service for the sale of duty-free goods.  http://kingpoweronline.com/en

King Power International Group has been the leading retailer of duty-free goods in Thailand for more than 25 years. They are based in Bangkok where they have a Duty Free shopping mall that covers more than 12,000 sq. meters in the central business district.

The new complex will take up approximately 19,900 square meters and the project cost is estimated at 2 milliard baht. The complex will be located next to the Dibuk Hospital, just 3 km from the Central Festival Phuket shopping mall.

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In 2018, at Phuket began construction of additional retail space for the King Power complex. The new terminal of the complex will expand the range of products and significantly increase throughput.

Overview of the construction of the new terminal of the King Power complex from November 13, 2018

The project King Power is a major reseller working in the format of duty-free trading. A special feature of the complex is the fact that the buyer receives his goods not immediately, but at the time of leaving the country at a specialized stand. Convenience lies in the fact that in addition to the absence of a tax mark-up on the goods, the buyer has the opportunity to specify the airport of departure, even if he made purchases in Phuket and the departure will be from the international airport in Bangkok. In this case, the trading network independently carries out the delivery and delivery of goods based on the specified data.